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Effectiveness of Reiki For Wounds on a Dog; Zygomatic Salivary Mucocele

Ava, a 11 year old Sheltie, 3 weeks post dog attack 
By: Laura Joseph, Healing With Spirit

Have you ever wondered if reiki could be used on your pets or even if it would be an effective treatment option?  

I am sharing with you my story and personal case study using reiki to heal my 11 year old sheltie, Ava, after she was attacked by another dog that resulted in two lacerations on the head and one puncture wound to her salivary gland in her face.

Sometimes when bad things happen, something magical may come out of it. In this case, despite all I already know, I learned to trust more in the power of healing within.  By writing and sharing this experience, I hope to accomplish a few objectives:
  • My hopes is to shed light on the benefits of reiki as a viable treatment option especially in the area of wound care.
  • Many times I encounter loving pet owners struggling with the health of their pets spending thousands of dollars of medications and procedures. So my goal here is to show how beneficial reiki can be for our beloved pets on many different levels without the heavy cost. Reiki is complementary to traditional medical and veterinary care.

The Story 
Ava one day after attack
So just before the holiday, my small dog, Ava, that I use periodically as a therapy dog was attacked by another dog. This stunned me and shocked me on many levels as I did not see it coming. Usually my intuition kicks in any time I feel a dog nearby has aggression or dominance issues. Not this time. There were no warning signs.

I just happened to be talking with the other dog owner about coyotes and how to watch out for them, protect their dog, while living in harmony with them when this attack happened.

There is some irony here. The night before while taking Ava out for her final walk, we came within 15 feet with a coyote, but with no incidence. The coyote who trotted past did not have a care in the world or take interest in my dog. I live in an area abundant with wildlife of all kinds. So learning to live in harmony with awareness is key.
Above:  Ava's head wound one day
after attack.  Below: Puncture wound
to the salivary gland

We have come in contact with a coyote by itself at least a dozen times and on at least two occasions with a pack, with no incidence. I have chosen to learn to live in harmony with these magical beings that some would like to call vermin. Coyotes are omnivores whose diet vary primarily of deer, rabbits, hares, rodents, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and invertebrates. Since I live near the water, we tend to have a pest issue too. So I welcome the coyote who naturally take care of the problem.

I am not naive as I take precautions when I am out especially at night and take added measures to protect my pets. It starts with awareness and vigilance. I do not fear the coyote so it does not smell fear on me. There was one occasion where a coyote stopped and stared at me as if he was going to challenge me. I picked Ava up in my arms and chased him yelling just to let him know who the alpha dog is around here.

So, I was stunned that what appeared to be a nice domestic dog would just attack and rip my dog’s head open with no warning or signs. Everything I ever knew and trained for came into question.

If you recall how the year 2016 ended, you might recall how chaotic the energies were then too. The cosmic energies and planetary alignment were quite intense and people were feeling it, I wondered if this seemingly nice dog did too. I am not sure as I can only presume.

So instead of getting mad or upset at that moment, I stepped into action for immediate medical care for her. I chose to step back emotionally and reflect on what happened which was hard for me to grasp. I even felt a sense of sadness for the other dog and could not only get the image of the attack out of my head, but when the other dog sniffed my hand with blood on it, it had the look like "Oh crap. I did that?" with the ears back and eyes saddened.

Christmas Day - 5 days after attack
After the initial emergency veterinary care, it was discovered the puncture wound in the mouth area could not be closed since it punctured a salivary gland.  Ava was sent home with the instructions of  frequent warm compresses and medications.

At one point, I was extremely emotional due to the ongoing ever changing wound care needs questioning every moment whether or not I was giving enough to this dog who has done nothing but give unconditional love and healing to me and so many. 

A mucocele that developed
about the size of a walnut
At first, I did not initiate reiki for the simple reason that the puncture wound of the salivary gland needed to drain and was concerned it would seal faster than needed in this case.

I know how effective reiki can be, especially the Jikiden Reiki®, in healing wounds. However, in this case I struggled with the decision to refrain because in one hand, we want the wounds and the gland to heal, but on the other hand, we want the puncture wound to remain open and not close.

Everything using traditional veterinary care was working up to this point and she finished her medication. However, one week post attack, things began to change. The puncture wound became harder to drain and she developed a zygomatic mucocele.

At one point we were wondering if she would need surgery to repair a salivary gland and even consulted a surgeon on day 8. Upon further research, we discovered that there are only two options for her situation.
  1. To surgically remove the entire gland. This would prevent the mucocele from returning. However, despite no veterinary research to validate, I was concerned about digestive, teeth, and gum issues. How can there not be any secondary problems if the salivary gland is removed? If you understand physiology, it is a logical concern.
  2. To aspirate the mucocele to get it to drain. To do this showed benefits that could last months. However, from what I discovered, these results were temporary according to the veterinary medical articles I read.
Day 7, I began adding a holistic regimen which comprised of the following:
  • I began adding turmeric to my dog's food 2 times a day - once in the morning and once at dinner time. 
  • We all know the power of prayer so I called upon the community for prayers.

Within one day, day 8, her wound is suddenly improved and the surgeon opted to "wait and see" since the wound was draining fine. It was recommended to continue the warm compresses every 2-3 hours and holistic remedies. At this time I still have not administered reiki. The turmeric seemed to be helping keeping the mucocele down.

However, by day 12, the puncture wound sealed and the mucocele returned preventing the accumulation of saliva to drain. THIS IS WHEN I ADMINISTERED REIKI as I was determined to not put my dog through something more traumatic of having surgery.

Day 12 - The Administration of Reiki

I initiated reiki treatments as follows:
  • 20-30 minutes in the morning
  • 20-30 minutes in the evening
Reiki never ceases to amaze me, yet I was still astounded at the level of toxins I felt in the wound site.  There is a technique we use exclusive in Jikiden Reiki to help move the toxins in the body. I was trying to figure out how to adapt the technique suitable for a 25 pound dog. 

Day 15 - Jikiden Reiki

By day 15, her mucocele was stable, and not increased in size. Redness had also diminished greatly. I then decided to do an abbreviated version of this technique seen in Jikiden Reiki to see if we could help Ava enhance her healing process.

  • Within 24hrs, the mucocele was more than 50% reduced. 
  • Within 36hrs, the mucocele opened and completely healed.
  • One week after initiation of this technique (day 22), still no mucocele.

Today's plan:
  • Reiki 20-30 minutes daily
  • Turmeric once daily in her food
  • Warm compresses as needed 
18 days post attack running and playing the recent 2017 blizzard
Because of the medical research showing chances of relapse, I am choosing to continue this routine as long as necessary.  At the bottom of this post, you will find links for more information regarding the mucocele and reiki. 

Despite my years as a reiki professional with over 10+years of experience, I find what happened here with Ava in regards to the Reiki was undeniable.

So right now, I take it one day at a time with NO SURGERY or gland removal or aspiration of the mucocele planned in the future. That makes for one happy dog owner and hopefully for one happy senior dog.

I hope you will consider reiki as part of your wellness and health not only for yourself, but for your beloved pet.  After all, they give us such unconditional love.

If you are a reiki practitioner, I hope this personal case study helped broaden your view of the reiki practice. If you are new to reiki, I hope this inspired you with options. In the end, I hope your eyes have been opened to possibilities. 

Remember, just because someone suggests surgery, keep in mind the following:
  • That individual may or may not be schooled or taught in the methods of holistic healing options or alternatives.
  • Procedures and surgeries are costly and may or may not be necessary. So please trust your instinct and when in doubt, get a second opinion.
  • Also, as the medical literature alludes to, procedures and surgeries seem to be the easy option many times. Hence, more convenient. If you are too busy to give your pet the care it needs, then maybe you ought consider what it would feel like if your loved one was too busy to care for you when you were hurt or sick. I apologize if this offends some of you, but it is a sad reality in our culture. All you have to do is look at the filled animal shelters to see. I am hoping this brings awareness so we can change our own behaviors. It begins within. 
If you would like to learn more about obtaining reiki, learning reiki, or just more information about reiki, please visit the various other posts on this blog or visit my website.

With love and appreciation,

Laura  Joseph
Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Shihan Kaku Jikiden Reiki® Practitioner and Teacher,  
Public Speaker, and Teacher


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Disclaimer:  Reiki is not a substitute for medical care or veterinary care. Please note: Seek medical attention when necessary. These are opinions based on a personal case study and Laura's alone.

Monday, August 8, 2016

URGENT APPEAL Regarding the State of Reiki in Massachusetts

☆☆ Urgent Appeal ☆☆

Thank you to the work by those from the Celebration of Reiki Conference on researching this
 Massachusetts Senate Bill S2461, which is moving quickly through the Massachuetts legislature. Legislators are very concerned about human trafficking and do not want to appear in any way "soft" on it. The Bill has been through two votes in the Senate without a single “No vote" and is moving to the House for consideration in Committees there before a floor vote.

If this Bill passes, Reiki practitioners will not be able to practice Reiki in Massachusetts without first having a license from the state.

The following modalities are affected by Bill S2461:
  • Feldenkrais method; reflexology; Trager Approach; AyurvedicTherapies; Rolf Structural Integration, Polarity Therapy; Asian bodywork therapy; acupressure; Jin Shin Do; Qi Gong; Tui Na; Shiatsu; body-mind centering and Reiki.  These modalities are being placed in the category of "Bodywork".
The Joint Committee on Healthcare Financing will be taking testimony via email from interested parties; the committee has only until August 27th to move this through- there is a very good chance that they will not take the full time to review this bill.

That is why we are calling for a Call To Action TODAY.

First, some more background on Bill S2461:
  • All practitioners listed above will need a license from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in order to practice.
  • This Bill classifies Reiki as a "bodywork therapy."  This bill is based on a misunderstanding of Reiki and a misunderstanding of "Bodywork".  There is no such profession as "bodywork" or "bodywork therapy".  Further, many Reiki practitioners define Reiki as a mind-body-spirit healing practice and not "bodywork" at all.  “Bodywork” is just a catch-all term for a broad field containing many disciplines, some of which are full professions that already have their own bodies of knowledge, educational programs, codes of ethics, standards of practice, etc. as well as professional organizations to administer these. 
  • According to the Bill, all practitioners, including Reiki practitioners, must pass "a course of study consisting of at least 500 classroom hours or an equivalent number of credit hours of supervised instruction in a nationally accredited bodywork therapy program”.  As you know this is not applicable to Reiki practitioners, as we do not have a "nationally accredited program", nor does Reiki training require "at least 500 classroom hours."
This bill would harm our practitioners and the citizens of Massachusetts who benefit from their services. 

Citizens of Massachusetts receiving services from these practitioners would no longer be able to continue receiving the benefits these modalities have to offer. 

You can make a difference by using your voice to educate lawmakers on the consequences of their actions.


Something for reiki practitioners to consider, and hope I voice this correctly and clearly. 

However, speaking as someone who has worked with survivors of abuse, as a reiki professional, speaker, advocate, and reiki teacher, this bill will also prevent victims of sex trafficking from gaining access to qualified reiki professionals to help them with long term healing without draining taxpayer funded economic resources or dept of public health resources or health insurance costs.

 The start up Massachusetts Survivors Outreach that I helped launch for survivors of abuse in Massachusetts will fail before off the ground as direct result of this bill. So this could also potentially negatively affect organizations providing care to abuse victims. Something I've been outspoken about as benefits of reiki on a much under served community.

The idea that it's used in hospitals etc ... may or may not be seen as relevant to this bill since it's about two things we are discussing
1. Sex trafficking
2. Reiki. 

Food for thought


Become informed and read the Bill itself.

Please send an email ASAP to the Joint Committee on Health Care Financing and include the following:

1. Salutation: Dear Representative So and So

2. Subject: Opposition to S24613. Your name and address
4. State that you are a Reiki (and/or other) Practitioner
5. Say you oppose the passing of S2461
6. State the reasons why you oppose S2461. This is an impact statement of how this Bill would adversely affect you and your business personally. Be sure to personalize your letter:
  • If you are a Reiki practitioner, state the negative consequences the bill would have on your practice, e.g., the bill would put you out of business, create unnecessary expenses, the bill does not understand what Reiki is and does not understand what bodywork is. 
  • If you are a Reiki recipient, please state the negative impact the bill would have on you and your loved ones, e.g. you would no longer be able to receive the services/benefits of (include the name of the modality). 
  • Please do not wait to send this. The email does not have to be long or complicated. Take a few minutes and send it out today. Everything depends on everyone taking action now.
  • It is very important to follow up your email with a phone call and be sure to ask them to officially log your call in opposition to the bill.
  • Reach out to your loyal clients for them to write an impact statement to send to the committee, as well. 
  • Please volunteer, even if you do not reside in Massachusetts. We need help getting the word out. If you can spare time to make phone calls, send emails, etc.
For more information, please visit the Celebration of Reiki Conference Email.

There are additional ways to help--writing to house and senate members of the Healthcare Finance Committee and volunteering to help us get the word out.

I am grateful!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Learning Jikiden Reiki in a Western Reiki World

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a simple form of energy healing from Japan known as "Shinshin Kaizen Usui Reiki Ryoho", which translates as "Usui treatment fo the improvement of body and mind".

Some of you reading this may have had the opportunity to experience the wonderful benefits of traditional non-westernized Japanese reiki with Jikiden Reiki. 

Jikiden Reiki® personally changed my life more than any other modality including my dedication to my more western Reiki for 10yrs.  Nothing I have ever seen where I bared witness to such amazing healing results from non healing wounds last over 3mo suddenly closed in hours to incurable cancer not being found on scans to long term severe eczema suddenly gone to ptsd finally in the past to traumas no long reoccurring to increasing the quality of life in end of life issues etc etc.

I wish I had the words to describe what I've seen happen where traditional medicine failed except to call them miracles in a westerners eye. 

For a long time, I have a passion of healing traumas associated with abuse ... domestic abuse, child abuse, and sex abuse. For the first time, I truly feel we can end abuse through healing one frequency and vibration at a time using this form of healing. 

Beginning this month, I am honored to take my Jikiden training to a whole new level. I am now authorized to begin offering Jikiden Reiki Training in the Massachusetts area.

I recently returned from San Diego from my 10 day intensive training with Arjava Petter!!!! I am now officially certified as a Shihan kaku in Jikiden Reiki and accredited by the Jikiden Reiki® Kenkyukai (Institute) in Kyoto, Japan.

What an amazing journey this has been so far. I met a lot of great new friends. I had an incredible class, and got to have a little adventure to boot. What else can one ask for?

There are sooooooo many people to thank who helped make this dream a reality ... who supported me and my desire to help others in their healing process especially those struggling to heal from trauma associated with abuse. 

You all know who you are. My heart is filled with so much gratitude.

Laura and Frank "Arjava" Petter
2016 Jikiden Reiki Shihan Kaku Training


I am already a reiki master teacher in the Western version of Usui Reiki, but felt a calling to Jikiden Reiki a couple years ago and I am honored to have been studying with such authentic teachers who are also some of the world's leading reiki historians.

The lessons I am learning is molding my teaching style to be more authentic and my own personal healing more profound.

Since I personally switched from practicing Westernized Reiki to Japanese Reiki, I have seen a huge difference and shift in my personal practice, spiritual growth, mediumship, and results my clients are experiencing. It's like a coming home. So much is NOT taught and learned with western reiki and I am excited to bring back to Massachusetts the original/direct teachings.

Westernized Reiki training is not standardized. It varies widely from teacher to teacher. Most Reiki teachers receive their entire training in just one weekend. Many start teaching Reiki classes immediately without the benefit of experience. This often leads to the passing of misinformation to students. Unfortunately, many students who take classes from these types of teachers leave unsure and confused. They feel something was missing from their training. 

Laura administering Reiki to a silver
back gorilla. 
One of the benefits I cherish with Jikiden Reiki is the thoroughness in training and qualifications of it's teachers to be authentic as Chiyoko Sensei and Dr. Hayashi Sensei taught. I look forward to now being authorized to begin teaching Jikiden Reiki. The term "Jikiden" means direct teaching in Japanese, so it is free from Western influence. 

Jikiden Reiki® classes are presented with credibility and clarity from authentic Japanese lineage. This lineage goes from Dr. Hayashi to Mrs. Chiyoko Yamaguchi, Tadao’s (current President of Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai) mother, who learned Reiki in 1938. Because this lineage has not gone through Mrs. Takata, it lacks the Westernization of Reiki. 

It is entirely free of Western influence. Its roots go back almost to the discovery of Reiki itself. It differs from “Western” style of Reiki in approach, attitude, and ideas.

This is what I've been practicing in my office for over a year now with incredible results after practicing western reiki for over 10yrs in its original beauty and simplicity.

What I have learned over the past year?

Well because Jikiden Reiki is non-westernized, there have been numerous personal developments I have experienced on top of what I have witnessed with others.

Here is what I noticed in myself:
  • I have had a long battle with sugar my whole life and trying to reduce it or eliminate it has been difficult. What I have noticed without conscious effort, is that I no longer crave sugar. I have unconsciously eliminated 95% of sugar from my diet.
  • I crave healthier foods. Ironically, I have been craving things like spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, flax seed, cucumber, etc salad. I say ironic, because eating more vegetables have been difficult for me as well my whole life. 
  • I have had a reduction of systemic bouts of yeast.
  • Enhancement of my mediumship connections to those on the higher side of life with less "preparation work".
  • A near elimination of all spiritual based practices on cord cutting, clearing spiritual or energetic attachments
  • A significant reduction of the need of spiritual based protections such as using or wearing protective stones, rituals, prayers, etc.
  • A significant reduction in psychic attacks
  • Elinination of taking on "other's" stuff energetically.
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved ability to handle my own personal elimination of toxic releases stemming from old traumas associated with abuse.
  • Improved relationships.
Bottom line, every area of my life has significantly improved without much conscious effort.  

Who is Jikiden Reiki For?

Jikiden Reiki® is for anyone interested in learning Reiki and for current practitioners who wish to deepen their practice & understanding.

Currently, I use reiki in a medical setting as a viable treatment option for issues such as anxiety, post traumatic stress, spinal stenosis, cancer, eczema, dementia, depression, arthritis, inflammation, wound healing, kidney stones, breaking bad habits and much more by removing accumulated toxins from the body. 

If you are interested in scheduling a private session or attending a Jikiden Reiki Training Seminar, please email me or visit my website.   
With love and appreciation,

Laura  Joseph
Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Shihan Kaku Jikiden Reiki® Practitioner and Teacher,  Public Speaker, and Teacher


All content and photographs are copyright protected. ©2016 Laura Joseph of Healing With Spirit. All Rights Reserved. All content and photographs or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written consent of the author.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My Story of Embodying Reiki to Heal Trauma Associated With Abuse

By: Laura Joseph, RMA, RMT

Yesterday I had a pretty deep conversation with a good friend of mine regarding the struggles to survive fleeing an abusive relationship where I lost my sense of self for over 20yrs. This in depth conversation brought to the surface certain pains and traumas from the abuses the victim part of myself would assume to forget.

However, in reflecting about this conversation and previous ones, it got me thinking about my path on where I was, where I am, and where I am going.  I look back now through a different lens amazed how far I have come since I made that crucial decision to leave an abusive partner who displayed narcissist sociopathic tendencies that nearly killed me more than once.  I am happy to say, his wish was not granted, and not literally buried six feet under.

I am still here to not only talk about it, but to share bits and pieces of my healing path to reclaiming my power back in hopes to inspire others on their healing journey.

Probably one of the decisions I made early on was to never doubt my gut or intuition again as it tried to warn me of the dangers that lay ahead at that time.  One of the things that saved my life was my connection to spirit followed by the healing path.

I first had to learn how to trust again and have faith in the unknown which is not simple feat when dealing with the after effects of abuse especially "gaslighting". I had been beaten down physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. So how do I learn to trust again so I can heal?

By embracing Reiki in its full embodiment not only helped me regain sense of self, but my sense of purpose. It helped me to heal the past while staying present, and not let my triggers of the past cause worry or fear of the unknown. It was not easy and I still feel I am a work in progress learning, healing, and growing every day.

This process didn't happen over night, but over the course of 11 years. I had to learn to surrender to the Universe, which is probably the most difficult task in the entire process. The mind/ego wants to shield and protect you from any repeats of what had happened to you in your past. It is like an loop constantly repeating itself that has to be broken in order to heal and move forward in your life. 

I knew I could not trust the system, domestic abuse groups, family, community, and the like as the mighty power of a skillful abuser can sway anyone in their favor creating an avalanche of being re-victimized. So if I could not trust people, who could I trust? Well it was spirit after all that tried to save me from this fate and I ignored the signs.  So I went back to my faith knowing I could trust Spirit. That started the surrendering process leading into my healing. 

I started with meditation and started going to church again rediscovering myself in the process. The more I learned to trust in the divine, the more healing took place in my life, which led me down the reiki path. Receiving reiki and learning reiki was the single most best decision I made for myself as it not only changed my life, it saved my life.

However, what I have learned over the years in studying the various different forms of Reiki, is it is not learned in one day as some may believe. I have been learning Reiki now for 11 years and I practice Reiki daily embodying all that Reiki has to offer.  

You can not learn that after one class and receive your certificate.  You must master Reiki completely and incorporate it into your life so you can BE REIKI. This process takes years of discipline to develop. 

What I wrote in the picture are truly five things you can start to do today that over time will change your life. They stem from the teachings I learned in reiki so I know this to be true. I personally say these in Japanese as a mantra every morning when I wake and every evening when I prepare for sleep. By chanting these precepts, you begin to change the way you see yourself and the world around you.

This year is the grand year of transformation, a nine year in numerology. It is the year of completion, and I personally look forward to fully and unequivocally shining in my own light at full strength once again. I wrote about the importance of this year in 6 Tips To Guide You Towards Soul-fillment in 2016 if you wish to read more on that topic. 

Reiki is more than taking a one day class, receiving a certificate, and laying hands on someone.  I think this is the greatest travesty of misconception of what our Western society believes is important. Reiki is so much more. It is a way of being and a way to self discovery back to soul. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves, so all we have to do is tap into that source energy. Reiki helps facilitate that.  I have been practicing Reiki over a decade now, and even after all this time, I feel like I have so much to still discover about the magic Reiki offers all of us inside and out. 

Healing trauma is not easy, but I am so grateful for the system of Reiki and all the teachers I have had along the way to guide me in my spiritual path to healing and self discovery.

For those who are struggling now or feel like you can't see above water, please keep the faith. I remember days, where I felt like it was the end, and I am not only here, but I am beginning to thrive. You can too.  I am here to help you best I can and so are so many other wonderful reiki healers.  

If you struggle with healing from trauma associated with abuse, here are some tips in choosing a reiki practitioner. 
  1. Make sure you find a qualified practitioner who has trauma informed care as part of their training.
  2. Make sure you find a practitioner who has been practicing Reiki for a long time as trauma has its own intricate needs.
Ask questions about the Reiki practitioner's training and belief system
  1. What system of reiki did they study?
  2. What was included in their studies?
  3. What level of Reiki have they completed?
  4. How long have they been practicing Reiki?
  5. Do they practice reiki every day? (My apologies as many reiki practitioners may disagree,  I feel THIS is the most important question). If they are not practicing reiki every day, how can they possibly understand how to help you? This goes beyond just reiki, but understanding trauma and all its intricate components.
  6. What is their level of experience and training in working with people with trauma?
  7. How many clients have they used Reiki for healing trauma?
  8. Ask how they use Reiki in healing trauma.
This is just a simple guide, but you can also check out the article I wrote on Reiki Can Do No Harm or Can It? for more tips and guidance.

I hope what I wrote helps someone out there in need who needs something to help them survive in order to thrive. Please share the love and compassion.

With love and light,
Laura  Joseph
Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Jikiden Reiki Practitioner,  Public Speaker, and Teacher

Copyright 2016 All rights reserved. Laura Healing With Spirit. May not be copied or reproduced without expressed written consent

Monday, November 9, 2015

My Adventures in Reiki with My Surgery

The bowl of a kuan yin statue owned by a loved one. Love the message.
(c) 2015 Laura Healing With Spirit

I don't normally share my personal stuff publicly, but feel this might help another somewhere somehow and felt compelled to share my surgical story and the power of reiki healing.

For years I suffered from various issues that ultimately led to surgery recently involving my ovaries. Leading up to the surgery itself, I had been experiencing an increasing amount of anxiety and insomnia. I was stumped as to what was possibly causing such a surge of emotions, because I do practice what I preach with lots of rest, ‎healthy eating, exercise, meditation, and self reiki‬. So I was a little surprised as to why the sudden increase.

I feel the source could be part karmic‬ and part life changing. I really don't want children at this stage in my life, but at same time, I mourn the loss of my own. Without going into details, I suffered years of abuse much of my life. Although, I have spent the last 10 years  working on healing the roots from all the traumas associated with abuse.

So I decided to just sit and embrace whatever emotions‬ surfaced at that time. This is important to pause and ‎nurture‬ the child within while staying present at all times. If this was so called past stuff emerging, I embraced what is. I accepted and through mindfulness based techniques, reiki, and other energy work, I lovingly assisted these issues to past through me.

I also chose two mantras to repeat:

The first one: "I accept‬ what is. I  surrender‬ to what was, and I have faith‬ in what will be. ... and so it is."

The second one is the Gokkai in Japanese or the Reiki Precepts in Japanese: "Kyo dake wa (Just for today). Ikaru na (Do not anger). Shinpei suna (Do not worry). Kansha shite (Be grateful). Gyo o hageme (Work diligently/dutifully). Hito ni shinsetsu ni (Be kind to others)."

I went to the hospital and experienced a phenomenal staff with some profound spiritual experiences which is a story for another time. I will say my surgery was more than a medical procedure for the physical body. That part went superbly well and experienced no pain afterwards. This was part of a larger spiritual journey and healing karmic cords not just in my life, but the lives of those nurses brought into my life to care for me pre-op and post-op.

I recently had my post-op follow-up with my surgeon. Since my surgery, I've been doing lots of reflecting and realization. 
  1. The more I partner with my soul, unite with soul, live soulful, the more I reclaim my power. I no longer accept the demands or perceptions of what society wants to dictate to me. Instead I trust my soul, and lively more authentically.
  2. The Power of energy healing such as reiki‬ is way under estimated. It is because of the self reiki prep I did pre-op and all the distance healing sent from all of you, I experienced no pain after the day of surgery. I had some discomfort, but nothing worth taking even a motrin for that reiki couldn't do.
  3. The only complications I had were due to being told by the surgical prep team, I was not going to be fully incubated due to history of brain bleeds only to wake up to realize I was completely out for over 2 hours. I experienced some unanticipated brochiospasms, difficulty in speech and breathing, and faintness. If I knew I was going to be fully put under anesthesia, I would have prepared there too. This only goes to the power of reiki again, because of what i did experience when reiki was used. 
  4. My surgeon, although an Osteopath, was a little shocked I took "no" pain meds after surgery. I told her I had a wonderful team of healers and reiki practitioners behind me so it was not necessary. I thought to myself, if modern medicine and our society as a whole would embrace again the ideology and belief that our bodies were designed to heal themselves and used treatment options to embrace this, the drug use in America may look different.
I wanted to share my story, because I wanted everyone to be reminded that our bodies are designed to heal themselves. The power to heal lies within us all.

Not only doing reiki, but living reiki and being reiki is even more important. I thank you for being a part of my spiritual‬ journey‬.

Have a great reiki filled fall day.

For more information, please visit 

(c) 2015 Laura Healing With Spirit. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Personal Message For Those Interested in Learning Reiki or Receiving Reiki

Reiki held at the Westport Farmer's Market, Westport, MA
Want to meet or join a reiki healing community?
Interested in knowing more about reiki as part of your self healing?
Want to learn how to do reiki either on yourself or others?

My goal is to help make this world a better place, and help others find their own magnificence and healing within.
As Glenda from the Wizard of Oz would say "you've had the power all along my dear"

As someone who worked in the healthcare industry most of my life, I used to get frustrated at where we were headed. This frustration stemmed from patients thinking a pill or vaccine will fix everything including viruses to doctors treating your parts and symptoms not root causes. I've dedicated the last 9 yrs to studying and learning holistic therapies and alternatives.

Reiki has by far made the greatest impact in my life personally, and what I've seen reiki do for others is like watching your child take their first step. It's utter magnificent.

I've worked on clients with cancer, trauma associated with abuse, spinal stenosis, arthritic pain, eczema, stress, anxiety, ptsd, insomnia, addictions, bad habits and so forth.

I've studied Western Usui Reiki with the influence of Mrs. Takata and I use William Lee Rand's teaching materials.

I'm currently studying other forms of reiki with the emphasis on the "original" non westernized form of reiki with Jikiden Reiki being the primary focus. I was fortunate to have studied with Frank "Arjava" Petter, who is the Vice President of the Jikiden Reiki Institute, Kyoto, Japan.
Along the way, I've been honored and blessed to have met some amazing people who have changed my life forever.

My goal in teaching reiki comes from the heart teaching what I've learned to help you become empowered and understand we all have the power to heal. Like our founder, Mikao Usui, I focus on the individual needs of the student. Are there guidelines on what to focus on? Yes, but how it is taught changes.
If you are interested in learning more, feel free to private message me or visit
Here is a list of upcoming fall dates for upcoming reiki healing days, reiki shares, and reiki certification classes in Hingham, MA
(dates subject to change. Please email us for confirmation):
Open Reiki Share and Healing Day
Dates: Sunday, 9/20, 10/18, 11/15 starting at 3pm.
First come first serve by donation.
Open to practitioners of any lineage who would like to share and exchange and anyone interested in receiving reiki or learning more about how reiki can help with self healing. ...

Open Reiki Share and Healing Day
Dates: Monday, 10/5, 11/2, 12/7 starting at 7pm.
First come first serve by donation.
Open to practitioners of any lineage who would like to share and exchange and anyone interested in receiving reiki or learning more about how reiki can help with self healing. ...

Reiki Healing Guided Meditaion and Attunement:
Dates: Monday, 10/5, 11/2, 12/7 starting at 6pm. 
Registration required

Reiki Level I Workshop and Certification
Sunday, October 11th from 10am-6pm
Open to anyone interested in learning this wonderful Japanese healing modality. Level I focuses on the physical plane. Learn the history of reiki, its various applications of use, hand on techniques, the importance of practicing reiki, receive an attunement, learning the reiki precepts and why they are important and more. Text book included. Lots of hands on training. Recerts available at discount.

Reiki Level II Workshop and Certification
Sunday, November 1st from 10am-6pm
Open to anyone who wishes to progress their reiki training to the next level who have successfully completed Reiki Level I training. Reiki II focuses on the mental plane. Learn the Reiki symbols, receive an attunement to reiki, learn additional tools and training in the applications of use, and additional hands on training. Recerts available at a discount.

Want to learn reiki, but unable to attend these workshops? Inquire about private individual reiki training or retraining.

For more information about services, events, or reiki classes, please visit or private message us.

I look forward to sharing reiki with you.
Reiki on ...
Breathe Reiki
Live reiki
Be reiki
Usui Reiki Master Teacher
Jikiden Reiki Practitioner in Shoden and Okuden


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My Jikiden Reiki Experience and Messages from Spirit Along the Way

Laura receiving her temporary Jikiden Certificate from
Frank "Arjava" Petter in Shoden and Okuden in
Connecticut May 2015
Well I did it ... 1st phase is complete with your help. I cannot say thank you enough to all who made this journey possible.

I am officially Jikiden Reiki® trained in Shoden and Okuden and will be receiving my certificate from Kyoto, Japan. This has been a dream of mine since I first learned about reiki and I have indirectly studied with Arjava throughout the years through his books.

I have firmly believe that Jikiden Reiki® was the key to help me move forward in my work especially in the healing work in the abuse communities such as domestic violence, sex abuse, and child abuse for which I am passionate about.

Spirit was with me the whole time guiding the way sending messages and confirmations along the way.

I enjoy sharing my experiences in Jikiden Reiki® with you which come from the heart in hopes you find your own inner peace and healing. My hope is you discover how we all have the power to heal ourselves by connecting to the Universal energies.

In this blog:
  • What is Jikiden Reiki®
  • Laura Embarks on a Jikiden Reiki® Journey
  • The Week Long Spirit Messages
  • Since Laura's Week in Connecticut
  • Laura's Jikiden Reiki Path
  • How you can help fulfill this dream

The Reiki Lineage as found on
the Jikiden Reiki Institute
What is Jikiden Reiki®?

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a simple form of energy healing from Japan known as "Shinshin Kaizen Usui Reiki Ryoho", which translates as "Usui treatment for the improvement of body and mind".

Jikiden Reiki is the original teaching of Reiki presented with credibility and clarity that is free from Western influence.

The word Reiki itself means "universal life energy", which is the natural, vital healing force found in all life. 

Jikiden Reiki® sessions focus on removing toxins from the body and guiding it towards wholeness.

Jikiden Reiki is known for its effective treatment of acute and chronic conditions, as well as to address deep rooted beliefs, habits, traumas and addictions.

Reiki has been effective treatment option like alleviating pain, pre-op and post-op surgery recovery, anxiety, skin conditions and posttraumatic stress.

Laura Embarks on a Jikiden Reiki® Journey
When I left Massachusetts to embark on this new journey, I had no comprehension as to what to expect except that I experienced a fluctuation of emotions from excitement to nervousness to fear to gratitude all at the same time.

I believe in my gut learning Jikiden Reiki® is necessary both for my continued self healing from abuse as well as using it as another tool to help others heal from the long term physical health, mental health, and spiritual health affects from abuse. My goal is to help break the cycle of abuse through long term permanent healing and to provide complimentary services to traditional health care services provided by domestic violence organizations and medical offices.

Dolce Conference Center, Norwalk, Ct
I was so eager to learn all I can from Frank "Arjava" Petter in a beautiful awe inspiring conducive learning environment with an amazing group of wonderful healers from all many countries and backgrounds including hospice and sexual trauma. I had NO idea how valuable this weeklong training would be for my personal healing from past abuses I endured until Spirit smacked me upside the head in a gentle loving manner with some of the best teachers I could have ever asked for. 

"Arjava" is one of the foremost experts, healers, and historians on the original form of reiki by Makao Usui in Japan who doesn't come to the US that often to teach. I can't express into words how blessed I feel to have the opportunity to learn from him.

The rainbow spotted on a cloudless sky on day 3
The Week Long Spirit Messages

Many of you may know I get many messages from Spirit as either a direct message or a confirmation.

Day Two:  One of the other students and I had an interesting experience with a dragon fly. Upon discovery, it appeared dead and had ants crawling all over the head. However, it was still alive. In attempts to pick it up, it flew away and fell in the pond upside down. We then rescued it once again, and placed it on the bench when the messages began to flutter in from Spirit.

The dragonfly is very symbolic in many spiritual beliefs. To me, it meant to shift beyond the fear and illusions of the past.  In Jikiden Reiki® that week, it represented the shifting of vibrations leading the way thru all the mists of change. It also was a reminder that we are all divinely supported while we transition to our true power and inner wisdom.

The ants to me were very representative of teamwork to help remove toxins that are blocking our way from living our true life.

Dragonflies are also a very prominent symbol in Jikiden Reiki and many other Reiki modalities.

Day Three:  I saw a rainbow (as pictured above) while on my morning meditative walk on the way to class on day three of my training and viewed it as a gift from Spirit and Ascended Masters to all of us in our class.

This was the 2nd day with a clear message from the Universe. This had been such an incredible journey so far.  The experience is far better than any conceived expectations I may have had prior.

There was so much to learn and the more I learned, the more I realized I don't know and unlearned certain aspects of what I thought I knew.

I have been practicing Reiki for 9 years now, and I feel we have just scratched the surface and all its potential to heal any known disease including those associated with abuse such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, and more. 

I feel so blessed to be surrounded with such soulful loving inspirational healing energy. I can't wait to see what's next. Here is the Youtube video of the moving rainbow.

Conversations with a catbird - While on break I also came across a catbird which seemingly went out of his way to get my attention of squawking from branch to branch then hopping on the ground with direct eye contact, I listened. Only then, after I began to listen, the catbird flew off.

The message I received was confirmation about the new people I was meeting that week who taught me valuable lessons especially in the areas of simplification and communication.

Day Four:  Let the birthing begin. We experienced another incredible day with nature being our communicator. We had a family of geese with two babies swim up to us seemingly from nowhere and a blackbird nest just above us.

To me, here is a great explanation of what I knew and was experiencing regarding the blackbird and the birthing that was taking place. For that I am grateful to Spirit and all those I learned from that week of training as it changed my life.

From What's Your Sign :
"Black birds demand our commitment to learning their wisdom, and do not reveal their meanings unless they are convinced we've devoted ourselves completely to the path of understanding (both dark and light sides of) energy.

This is a fundamental concept of alchemy which is: Transition and Transformation. The bird is symbolic of life in the heavens (higher ideals, higher path of knowing) and the color black is symbolic of pure potential. Between the two, there is no limit to human transformation - all we have to do is close the shutters of the rational mind, and start sojourning with our darkly feathered friends."

The geese were reminding me to stay grounded, forge ahead with confidence, and never forget all those who helped me along this journey. 

Yohei Yamaguchi (Chiyoko Yamaguchi's Grandson)
Laura Joseph and Frank "Arjava" Petter on the final day
Since Laura's Week in Connecticut: It sure has been with whirlwind for sure even with mercury in retrograde, but blessed at all the opportunities to share what I have learned.  The past few weeks we've seen an upsurge of emotions, trials, and tribulations. This most recent mercury retrograde has a lot of us on our toes and stress levels at a high as if it knew which buttons to push to aggravate us.

Well it's not about aggravating you. It's about helping you become who your soul came here to be. When we can pause a moment and stay present, all situations seem to work themselves out. The biggest challenge many times is getting in our own way and not going with the flow of the Universe.

As a result, over the last several weeks, I have been helping my clients break that cycle by helping them address their own unwanted habits and remove toxic energies from the body. Through the gentle use of Jikiden Reiki® and Spiritual Guidance, I observed the reduction of stress and anxiety  which were replaced with inner peace, calmness, and clarity.  Removing unwanted habits is just one of the many benefits of experiencing Jikiden Reiki.

The first miracle I witnessed was a small hematoma I had that was not healing after a week, and while administering Jikiden Reiki on the way home, the bruise began to heal.  I was amazed that upon my return, I could clearly see where my fingers were on my leg as that was the part of the bruise that completely healed. I wrote about this experience and others which you can read here.

Laura's Jikiden Reiki Path:  My experience learning Jikiden Reiki from these two beautiful souls, Frank Arjava Petter Sensei and Yohei Yamaguchi was priceless to me.

This is not to mention the wisdom I learned ... the building of trust and confidence in the gifts of universal energies that we can all tap into and most importantly the bonds created and the self healing I experienced I will cherish for a lifetime.

For the first time in my life, I feel like I am trusting in the path Spirit has laid out for me and Jikiden Reiki was the key missing piece of the puzzle. Maybe I am an idealist, but I believe we truly can change the world through healing and compassion. Wars will die out and mother earth healthy and bountiful again.

Please join me in this journey together.

Thank you all for helping make this dream come true. All of you helped make this possible. Can't express how blessed I feel.

Laura giving a presentation on the benefits of Holistic Healing
for victims of abuse as a viable treatment option.
How you can help fulfill this dream?  I feel like I have a lot still to learn if I want to help others find their own healing not to mention my passion to break the cycle of abuse through the power of healing.

However, to continue my training is quite expensive and requires case studies and clinical hours.  If you would like to support my continued training with some of the world's leading experts, please click here to read my complete bio, mission, incentive lists, and updates from my training in Connecticut in May 2015.

I would love your feedback to my story and if you have a healing story you would like to share, I would really like to hear from you. This could be on how Jikiden Reiki helped you heal or it could be on holistic therapies helping heal trauma associated with abuse.

Thank you for reading, and have a blessed day,

Laura Joseph, RMA, RMT, BFA
Healing With Spirit
Spiritual Medium, Guest Speaker, Teacher
Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui/Tibetan Tradition
Jikiden Reiki Pratictioner in Shoden and Okuden

To schedule an appointment or to learn more, please visit